I am a Bristol based artist working with a wide variety
of media including drawing, print, book art and textiles.
When using cloth and stitch I have discovered that it has
the power to connect the viewer with several senses and
can evoke memory. I use whatever medium enhances
the subject matter I am working with.

A curiosity in the natural world, social and medical
history, and the way in which people connect with each
other is at the heart of much of my work.

Knitted Genes was a significant move for me into
making art with many diverse people. This accessible
installation crosses barriers of age and gender and
has been shown at several venues in the South West.

My interest in medical history shows up in my work
1918. Here I look at men returning from WW1 in
the midst of the Spanish flu pandemic.

The theme of WW1 comes up again in
Parcels of Comfort. This collaborative artwork
explores the crucial role letters and parcels played in
keeping up the morale of the troops in the trenches.